Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is the Rare and Expensive Cars World's 187 Billion!

One of the rare Ferrari Ferrari 250 GTO will be auctioned soon. Predicted results of this auction will penetrate Rp 187 Billion High-cheap way to make this car a classic car is one of The Most Expensive Ferrari.

Because besides being one of The Top Damba Ferrari World, Car That has 4.675 GT chassis number is also a very rare commodity Yang.

BECAUSE THE Year of manufacture in 1963, Ferrari 250 GTO was only produced in very limited that is soft and healthy Only 36 units

"Ferrari GTO is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and coveted cars in the world. This is truly a rare opportunity for collectors to get a critical piece of automotive history and we are pleased to be selected by the current owner of the 4675 GT to represent it on the market, "said Managing Director of European auction house RM, Max Girardo.

Besides regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever built by Ferrari, 250 GTO is also very successful in various stage race was very successful in competition with several World Championship titles.

Ferrari 250 GTO chassis number 4675 GT after completion at the Ferrari factory, brought 'run' to participate in various race racing with drivers such as Guido Fossati, Jean Guichet, Oddone Sigala, Vincenzo and Luigi Taramazzo Nember.

During his period at the racetrack, the car is rarely finished outside the top three. The competition that followed there were various kinds, ranging from racing, endurance up to relli.

Owners who are now getting bersasis 4675 GT 250 GTO in 1996 and has been able to maintain top condition of this car.

That's why he got invited to events such as birthday GTO is limited to 35 and 45 GTO in France and California.


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