Sunday, July 10, 2011

70-300mm telephoto lens under 2 million

For those who already have a first DSLR, it could be that its lens is the lens kit that coverage begins and ends in 55mm 18mm or 70mm. To get the telephoto capabilities of DSLR cameras of choice is to buy one more lens-type telephoto lens which is relatively expensive. For users of Nikon D40 in particular, the problem will get worse because of a telephoto lens that matches the D40 should be the focus lens that has a motor in it. The most economical solution of course is the Nikon 55-200mm lens for $ 1.7 million (non-VR version). These lenses are very good no less optical sharpness even with other Nikon lenses are more expensive. But needs a telephoto everyone is different, where the maximum focal length lens is a maximum at 200mm (or 300mm equivalents) have not considered sufficient for some conditions long-distance photos. For that choice-telephoto lens 70-300mm is considered more appropriate because at its longest focal lens, this will be equivalent to 450mm.


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